Shetphal Village: This Unique Hamlet in Maharashtra Has People Living Together With Snakes

Shetphal Village, situated approximately 200 km from Pune in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, has a distinctive feature that sets it apart. The village holds a profound reverence for snakes, to the extent that these reptiles are not only revered but also provided a permanent dwelling within each and every household.

I have come across various unique villages, but Shetpal Village in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, located around 200 km from Pune, stands out for its peculiar relationship with snakes. What sets this hamlet apart is its deep reverence and accommodation of snakes. Specifically, they are not just revered but provided a permanent home in every single house.

It’s important to note that the snakes in question are not ordinary ones; they are Indian cobras, among the world’s most dreaded and venomous snakes. In Shetpal Village, these cobras are considered part of the family, and just like any family member, they are free to move around inside the houses. Remarkably, this level of comfort extends to the entire village, where these snakes are allowed to roam freely, much like any other resident.

The means by which this exceptional level of comfort with the snakes is achieved remains somewhat inexplicable, but the absence of a clear explanation doesn’t necessarily imply that it isn’t true. If you’re intrigued by this, you might consider visiting the village to witness this unique and enigmatic relationship between humans and cobras for yourself.

In this village, snakes and spirituality are intimately intertwined. Every house has a dedicated area, essentially a temple, known as “devasthanam,” exclusively for cobras. This sacred snake abode is so deeply ingrained in the culture that when constructing new houses, people ensure there is a designated space for the snakes.

Now, you might wonder about the safety of the children. Rest assured, the children live harmoniously with the cobras and even share their classroom space with them. There is absolutely no fear present because, as the saying goes, fear typically arises from the unknown.

Shetphal, also recognized as the “Land of Snakes,” is a village where cobras are regarded no differently than any other household pets. Would you be interested in visiting this extraordinary village?

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